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Chocolate Wishes The magic continues in a brand new series from the author of the bestselling Magic Kitten Fluffy white bunny Arrow is the keeper of the magic key that keeps the meadow lush and beautiful so that many bunnies can live there happily But the key is under threat and so Arrow must flee the meadow to keep it safe and hide in our world Can Arrow find a little girl to look after him and be a special friend

About the Author: Sue Bentley

Sue was born in Northampton where she still lives For many years she worked for Northamptonshire libraries and remains a passionate supporter of Public Libraries Sue loves everything about books, the feel of them, their smell the way they look And has a habit of matching a bookmark to the cover of each book she s reading The process of reading, the feel of the book, carrying it around in her shoulder bag, sitting in favourite cafes reading all make for a complete sensory experience.Browsing bookshops old and new, talking all things bookish with other book lovers, spending time with other writers and meeting with fans of her own books at author events are her favourite things That and eating good quality dark chocolate, while writing.

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    This is a very odd book my sister has a rabbit, Jack Tripper, and I wouldn t exactly picture this species as magical if I were to think of an animal with fantasy like powers I d be thinkingof cats, rats or owls Anyway, it s an okay novel I guess, probably one that younger readers will enjoy, but there isn t much substance to it.

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    SPARKLES EVERYWHERE Everything in this book shimmers with rainbows and sparkle dust No, really, such terms permeate the book s vernacular That side of things was all lovely, and just what I needed to read in my boredom at work COUGH COUGH Despite the sparkles, the story was largely disappointing Bentley sets up a pseudo imperialist magic bunny war in her Prologue, with the civilized white bunnies defending their territory from the disenfran

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    My daughter begged me to read this book when she finished it and, I couldn t say no to those big, brown, excited eyes I m very glad I read the book It has everything a little girl could want in a storycute animals, magic, friendshipand wishes

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    My 6 years old daughter fell in love with this book She already loved the magic kitten books but I wasn t sure if she would like the bunnies since she thought the puppy ponies series where just ok She said that this is one of her new faves She loves Arrow just as much as she loves Flame Since Santa brought her this first bunny book she said she is going to write a letter to the easter bunny to see if he will bring her the other bunny books in t

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    Cora read this on her own one day when she found it laying around the house wink wink LOL She said it was pretty good a high compliment in Cora speak and that I should read itso I did I admit, it s hard to live up to the promise of that cover It s pink Sparkly Rainbow y FURRY My expectations might be rather high That s some seriously fantastic artwork designed to lure in young girls and their mothers I found it to be exactly what Cora did pretty

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    Dark bunnies versus white ish bunnies That s a little racist, no But seriously, my real concern is that these white magic bunnies are trying to bring the dark bunnies into their warren to share the meadow but not share the power of the key It wouldn t kill the magic key, amirite Also, how are these dark bunnies in the same magical bunny universe and don t have their own magic key And where was the dark bunny war All this promise of magical bunny wa

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    This story opens with a prologue in which a warren of privileged white bunnies living in a magical land of glitter and rainbows needs to stop the evil dark bunnies from stealing their magic key in order to make their own homeland a better place to live Concerned that the dark bunnies are unwilling to share the magic of the key, the white bunnies refuse to share the magic of the key Instead, they secret the key away with a member of their tribe, who g

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    I can t believe it Look at all those sparkles and rainbows.I thought rabbits poop a lot but maybe magic ones don t It wasn t ever explained so I d call this book s ending a real cliffhanger.

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    Magic Bunny Chocolate Wishes is a companion to the Magic Puppy, Magic Kitten, and Magic Pony books and turned out to be the third in the Magic Bunny series Normally, I wouldn t read the third book in a series first off, but I feel confident that I was able to piece together the happenings in Moonglow Meadow from the introduction Dark rabbits live in the uninhabitable waste next to MM, and they want to overrun MM and steal it from the white rabbits This a

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    This isn t exactly a great story , but since E is in LOVE with bunnies, we will probably end up reading the series It was cute, dealt with a girl who was new at school and lonely, and had a happy endingGood for 7 year old girls, I guess I didn t really like that the little girl was sneaking around behind her parents back, to keep the magical bunny, though Then again, what else are you supposed to do when an adorable, talking bunny appears and you aren t al

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