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A gyertyák csonkig égnek Sandor Marai was born in 1900 in the former Austrian Hungarian Empire at a time when honor to one s country was of the upmost importance A staunch anti fascist following the rise of the iron curtain, Marai was forced to flee his homeland and lived out his remaining days in California First published in 1942 and recovered with his other novels, Embers is fast becoming a modern classic A throwback to a time when royalty living in isolated castles was a common practice in Europe, Embers reveals an intimate look at life and relationships Henrik has turned 75 and has lived with his nurse Nini, aged 91, in a castle outside of Vienna for the past 41 years Upon hearing that his old friend Konrad will be arriving and joining him for dinner, Henrik looks back at the chapters of his life, focusing on how both he and Konrad have gotten to where they are at this moment Once friends as close as twin brothers, the pair has not seen each other since a incident with Henrik s wife Krisztina forty one years ago After the incident, Konrad fled to the Tropics while Henrik remained in his castle, alone A son of the landed aristocracy on both sides of his family, Henrik was expected to go into the military academy at a young age Yet, the only person who he ever felt love and affection from was his nursemaid Nini As a result, Henrik became dep Embers presents some of the loveliest, most elegant writing I have encountered this year At its core, however, it is an overlong ramble of a soliloquy that should have been reduced to a stunning short story It s an easy enough read, full of the philosophical queries and conclusions of its aged General about the meaning of life, love, honor, killing, obligation, M M friendship But the guest is permitted only 5 8 lines He can t get a word in edgewise And Krisztina She has no voice I would like to read the novel Marai might have written about the ninety one year old Nini She captured my interest as none of the other characters did Early on, it seemed as if Marai intended to make her central to the plot, but a Beautiful words that form sentences that makes one stop and think A exquisitely written story, very descriptive, one can picture the scenes down to the minutest of detail Friendship, the most expressive definition of a friendship between two men from different backgrounds that I have ever read Betrayal, love, pride and at the last a definition of aging that is s My fingers were interlocked around my Baba s arm and my head was resting on his shoulders I was stealing a glimpse of his face every now and then, convinced that the lines of exhaustion were going to creep upto his tongue any moment, tendering me an apology to relieve him of our evening chatter for the day However, my apprehensions were misplaced The exhaustion stood defeated in the face of the radiance that slowly, ever so gradually, filled his visage, displacing the fatigue like a magic potion, as he reached for the cassette player and put one of his most favorite songs in loop He also fondly went on to explain me its meaning Smruti Tume , originally composed in Oriya language, is an ode tomemoriesin Oriya, the two words literally translate to Memory, You The translated lyrics go like this Memory, You are the indiscernible breeze of a spring evening Memory, You are the seething ember beneath the ash Memory, You are the dancer s teasing frill at a temple s entrance Memory, You are the glim Embers is perfect I just cannot find anything not to like about this book It s a kind of book I have never quite read before It s a simple novel but will definitely stay in my memory for a long time To think that it sat there, gathering dust, in my bookshelves for than 2 years What a pity if I died without reading this flawlessly engrossing work I only picked this because it is thin and seemed to me like a quick read I was behind by 8 books in my 2011 Reading Challenge here in Goodreads last weekend and I thought of catching up Sandor Marai 1900 1989 , a Hungarian novelist and journalist, wrote Embers in Hungarian when he was 42 and already living in San Diego, CA He had to flee Hungary during the Nazi occupation not because he was a Jew but because he was profoundly an anti Fascist Just like Ernest Hemingway, Hunter S Thompson and Richard Brautigan he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head He was 89 years old His works had been largely forgotten outside of Hungary and were only rediscovered in 1992 when Embers was re published in France then translated to other European languages In fact, Marai s works are now considered as part of the European Twentieth Century literary canon Source Wiki Embers or The Candles Burn Down to the Stump is written in a precise and clear realist style narrative It tells the story of two male friends the rich man, Henrik an Embers is a tale of heart breaking beauty The kind of beauty which is not apparent right at the onset but which makes its omnipresence felt as you keep turning the pages and reach that state of involvement with the narrative, where you cannot wait to feast your eyes and senses on another delicately structured sentence It lies in the pall of gloom cast by the shadow of some tragedy unspoken of, lurking in the dark, cobwebbed nooks and corners of a secluded castle, the relentless flow of time the sense of which the book tries to capture quite successfully and in the hollowness of life itself.There is no worthwhile story to be found at its core since a reflection on love, betrayal and the consequences of human folly is nothing new But it is the handling of these themes which is.S ndor M rai has a way of creating a mood consistent with the dreariness of the story within and it is this mood which metamorphoses into an important character itself Like an invisible, guiding force, this mood becomes the reader s constant companion as he she slowly navigates his her way around the imperfect lives of M rai s characters He en All that is left in the embers is ash, black ash, with the sheen of a mourning veil of watered silkEmbers is the ideal title to summon up the melancholic decadence that soaks the pages of this intense but short novella Candles burn until they are totally consumed by the flickering nature of their essence, as it happens with life when confronted with its impending mortality Two old men, General Henrik and Kondr d, meet after forty years in a secluded castle in the heart of Hungary, where the splendorous music of Chopin and flourishing soirees with elegantly attired guests that once crowded its saloons are now replaced by the stale odor of ageing and the heavy weight of secrets What initially looked like a nostalgic encounter between close friends, gradually acquires shades of darker colors that escalate in intrigue and dramatic tension until the facts that ruined the lives of these two gentlemen are brought into full light by the ruthless evidence of words A duel without weapons is about to take place, and the enduring memory of a woman will be the point into which both men s destinies will converge.But are facts or words for that matter enough to condemn a friend, almost a brother, for betrayal Does loyalty disable the unselfish love that should come with true friendship Is revenge satisfactory in front of a wasted life, overcast with doubt, guilt and rancor M rai s characters emerge from the intrigue he PDF Epub A Gyerty K Csonkig Gnek Author S Ndor M Rai Vinoschilenos.eu The Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller, Available As A Penguin Essential For The First Time.A Castle At The Foot Of The Carpathian Mountains In The 1930s Two Men, Inseparable In Their Youth, Meet For The First Time In Forty One Years They Have Spent Their Lives Waiting For This Moment.Four Decades Earlier A Murky, Traumatic Event Something To Do With A Betrayal, And A Woman Led To Their Sudden Separation Now, As Their Lives Draw To A Close, The Devastating Truth About That Moment Will Be Revealed Embers Is A Masterpiece An Unforgettable Story Of Passion, Fidelity, Truth And Deception. 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Two old men, one dimly lit room, and the past awakening That s pretty much the set up for S ndor M rai s intensely felt and solemn 1942 novel, which was originally titled Candles burn until the end in Hungary He has a growing popularity post death, due to his work, but also his troubled life, that is mirrored by Hungary s grave misfortunes in the 20th century, and it s sad to think at the time he took his own life in California of all places in 1989, the literary world still knew little of him Born in the then Austro Hungarian empire, M rai grew up with war, revolution, and exile, before establishing himself as first a poet and then novelist, but then followed war, revolution, and exile He is not only regarded as one of the great Hungarian writers, but also a guardian of the nation s soul, a sort of talisman of the new, democratic Hungary With a shining honour, and no interest in political games, he infuriated the Nazis and the communists, by refusing to have his work published in his native land whilst Soviet troops were present, thus sentencing himself to obscurity and poverty At least he stood by his principles I ad We will talk these things through once , try to establish the truth and then go to our deaths, I in this house, you somewhere else My impression of Hungarian authors so far has been that they really know how to write dark and depressing gems Embers is just that, and possibly the saddest and loneliest little book I ve read in a while What s lonelier than an elderly recluse brooding for decades in an isolated castle Familiar themes abound here love, betrayal, regret But it s done in such an almost perfect way that you re right there in front of the fireplace, drenched in melancholy, as the dialogue backs you into a corner of nostalgia, fear, and oppression This was a claustrophobic, beautiful sad reading experience Interestingly, this was the first time that I recall reading somethi

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