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Ink Completely LOVED this book If you ve ever watched a Japanese drama, you know exactly what to expect Cute bad boys, a gutsy girl, silly friends, and DRAMA Throw in a paranormal twist and you ve got a blockbuster It was so authentic too, this author obviously lived and breathed in Japan and it shows Everything was meticulously researched down to the food, kendo, the customs, the language, how real Japanese teens talk everything It made me miss my Japanese classes so much to read about how these things looked through a gaijin s eyes, just like I had for so long And I ve been to Tokyo and it s one of the most welcoming, bizarre, lovely, crazy busy, and wonderful places I ve ever been I m sure Shizuoka is just as beautiful The absolute worst thing about this whole book though Giving me one chapter of the next book at the end.ARGH.Forgot to add, the arc was given to I actually thought it was illegal for a novel with a cover this good to be so painful Illegal But when I checked with my lawyer, she said I should get out unless I was going to pay her and I am definitely not going to pay her Pfft So I m still not sure about that But what I am sure about is that Amanda Sun has a lot of potential as a writer, even if this book was a painful mess for me I know that doesn t seem to make sense Even I can t explain it.It s redeeming feature is that, once the relationship between Katie and Tomo was underway, the story did pick up considerably due to the not insignificant sexual chemistry between the two No points if you re able to guess the reason for that Okay, I lie I never really got Katie s Tomo obsession I can tell Amanda Sun has a talent and knack for manufacturing a sweet and tender relationship When Tomo and Katie were together, it was the only time I really liked them Individually, though, meeeeehhhhhh Tomo was like the paper drawings he made just a bunch of ink on the page.Katie fares only marginally better This girl must seriously be a 9 11 truther or false flagger Everything makes her suspicious Give her a look and she ll stalk you for months Teenage boy A little while ago, forsaking my credit card bill, and the fact that I work 25 hours a week at minimum waaaahhhhhhhggUgh, I should just stop In the last six months or so I began throwing handfuls of copper coins at things like potato scones and cigarettes and 40 Ryanair flights to mystery destinations The absolute best thing about Ryanair is that it is SO janky and SO cheap and you never know quite where you re going, you just know you re getting on whatever flight is cheapest, landing near whatever hostel is cheapest, so that you can spent five days waffling around drinking local beer and talking to Australians or Americans who have their lives together.Americans and Australians who travel almost always have their lives together They weren t the ones who threw the contents of their swear jar at an unplanned trip to an unplanned destination and only got the time off by calling in sick to work from Malta I have swine flu, I can t come in, ignore the sounds of softly cawing gulls and Maltese people laughing at the sun drenched bus stop behind me Americans and Australians who travel are brave souls who have saved up for extortionate flights and they ve spent on planning and guidebooks and making sure that they make the most of travelling to the other side of the world I salute them so hard They are so organised and I am a human disaster.I live in the UK, so my privileged ass only needs to be verb I can t believe I have it in me to hate a fictional character s actions this much.I know a lot of people are super excited about this book.I m here to help you with that problem.Ok, so you re a white girl in Asia Your mom has died, you re living with your hip aunt who teaches English in a medium small Japanese city You re making a few friends, sloshing your way through homework when BAMB Your obligatory love interest suddenly enters the picture Will he be cool Will he be funny How do you think you two will meet How about you see him for the first time as he s in a scream fight, breaking up with his current girlfriend because she just found out he got a girl pregnant Romantic Let me make it better for you you also learn that he almost got taken to jail when he was 9 for repeatedly stabbing his best friend kid almost lost an eye and then had to transfer schools But wait He s also got mafia connections That s right kids Yakuza The same people responsible for smuggling blond girls into the country and forcing them into the sex trade But because he s Roughly fifteen or ten years ago, an entire generation of youngsters discovered that cartoons and comics from Japan were the new thing to go crazy over, thanks to various TV networks running anime throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, and the Pok mon boom in 1997 certainly didn t hinder it any I know I was there.That generation has now grown up, and with it, I suppose we can expect to see some of these super fans of anime and manga growing up into writers We re already seeing P2P fan fiction, after all Mostly Twilight fan fiction, but I m sure some publisher somewhere is desperately poring through the anime manga fan fiction archives Thankfully, Amanda Sun isn t one of these, from what I can find She cosplays and speaks Japanese, but she isn t quite the out and out weeaboo you might expect to be writing the story of an American girl living in Japan who falls in love with a mysterious boy, with supernatural powers thrown in here and there Mercifully, the premise for the novel comes from experience as opposed to an obsession with anime and manga Amanda Sun lived and travelled in Japan for a while, so it s hardly just some dumb teenage wish fulfilment written in between washing down Pocky with some Ramune whilst waiting for the latest episode of BLEACH to finish buffering.Unfortunately, this was a DNF for me, which I seem to be having a streak of lately I m sorry, but I can t bring myself read a bad book any if there s no s Beautiful.even beautifuli m crying now.amazing.Tomo Excuse me for a moment as I squeal my lungs out This book was awe inspiring, awesome, funny, you name it Ink stars a foreign girl named Katie who moves to Japan There, she tries to fit in with her surroundings, whether it s actions, language or people And that s where we bring in Tomohiro Katie finds him fighting with someone and decides to follow him once school has let out But, instead of discovering why he s so mysterious, she gives him a full view of whats underneath her skirt Now that s something you don t see everyday But kids, don t be a pervert She s obviously wearing underwear Gosh.After humiliating herself in front of a cute guy, and also disco I ve been really wondering if I read the right book or if I somehow got sent a different book on accident It s seems like the most logical explanation for this failure I read The real INK just can t be this bad, right right The reason INK was so bad was because it was so average There wasn t anything unique about it other than the premise of paper gods It s a very standard YA paranormal romance that deviates very little from the set of rules that much of the genre follows Y know, this stuff someone moves into new townThis step is a must because how else are you going to find an awesome, mysterious guy that the heroine doesn t know While the love interest can be the one to move to the town, it is much preferred to have the heroine move as to add to her outcasty, uniqueness durh girl has trouble at schoolThis is also a must The girl must have enemies so add a popular girl and get some stupid and silly reason for her to utterly despise the main character Sometimes there isn t even a reason really best friends These best friends usually have zero personality and are used as filler material There isn t any real reason for them other than nice and cheap plot and character development Often they are used to push the heroine into the love interest the heroine must bump into a hot paranormal dudeThe sad part about this is that when I say, bumps into , I mean quite literally as the heroine usually falls into the love interest I m quite certain th Ink Pdf Author Amanda Sun Capitalsoftworks.co.uk On The Heels Of A Family Tragedy, The Last Thing Katie Greene Wants To Do Is Move Halfway Across The World Stuck With Her Aunt In Shizuoka, Japan, Katie Feels Lost Alone She Doesn T Know The Language, She Can Barely Hold A Pair Of Chopsticks, And She Can T Seem To Get The Hang Of Taking Her Shoes Off Whenever She Enters A Building.Then There S Gorgeous But Aloof Tomohiro, Star Of The School S Kendo Team How Did He Really Get The Scar On His Arm Katie Isn T Prepared For The Answer But When She Sees The Things He Draws Start Moving, There S No Denying The Truth Tomo Has A Connection To The Ancient Gods Of Japan, And Being Near Katie Is Causing His Abilities To Spiral Out Of Control If The Wrong People Notice, They Ll Both Be Targets.Katie Never Wanted To Move To Japan Now She May Not Make It Out Of The Country Alive. !!> Download ➾ Paid Boyfriend ➹ Author kimpyvon – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk The Last Thing Katie Greene Wants To Do Is Move Halfway Across The World Stuck With Her Aunt In Shizuoka [Ebook] ↠ Pro PHP XML and Web Services Author Robert Richards – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Japan [PDF] Lyrics of Life By Abraham Messler Quick – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Katie Feels Lost Alone She Doesn T Know The Language !!> Reading ➽ Wahhabism ➶ Author Hamid Algar – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk She Can Barely Hold A Pair Of Chopsticks !!> Reading ➷ Mon Premier Meurtre ➯ Author Leena Lehtolainen – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk And She Can T Seem To Get The Hang Of Taking Her Shoes Off Whenever She Enters A Building.Then There S Gorgeous But Aloof Tomohiro [ BOOKS ] ✯ An Expats Guide to Living in Cusco Author Amy Rigby – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Star Of The School S Kendo Team How Did He Really Get The Scar On His Arm Katie Isn T Prepared For The Answer But When She Sees The Things He Draws Start Moving ✾ Guide pratique de la chasteté masculine contrôlée et de la Gynarchie conjugale kindle Epub ❂ Auteur Sylvia Labiche – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk There S No Denying The Truth Tomo Has A Connection To The Ancient Gods Of Japan [ Read ] ➯ Markham Hall Series Bundle (Markham Hall, Author Sierra Simone – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk And Being Near Katie Is Causing His Abilities To Spiral Out Of Control If The Wrong People Notice ➾ A Day of Delight Free ➵ Author Pam Forster – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk They Ll Both Be Targets.Katie Never Wanted To Move To Japan Now She May Not Make It Out Of The Country Alive. This started out as a pretty good book I liked the setting, I love Japanese culture and yes I watch J and K dramas so I was hoping this one will shape out as one of them But cooler Don t judge me The author did a very good job with the feel of the culture and people At least at the beginning of the book I wanted to have a better description of the city, though I didn t manage to form an image for it in my mind and it kind of frustrated me, among other things that I will mention as we go on.As I mentioned before, the book was pretty good for about 2 3 chapters Then Katie, our lovely MC, meets Tomohiro, the hot Japanese dude, and she becomes obsessed with him Literally obsessed.I can t believe the amount of stupid shit this girl did Climbing a tall wall and screaming after a stranger like a lunatic only to remember that you re wearing a skirt and half the school can see your underwear Buying a bike just to stalk your current obsession BECAUSE you re sure he s up to something What the hell What he was hiding, why he was pushing me awayHe s just a stranger who wants nothing to do with you And you are a stalker who keeps on bothering him It s that simple Maybe he was onto me Maybe he was messing with me againAnother thing that pissed me off about this book is the love triangle Of course we had to hav I am not going to lie, Ink may as well be the one of the best debut titles of 2013, if not the very best It has everything, EVERYTHING I didn t know I was looking for so badly Mixing the old with the new, Ink gives us the dangerous heart stopping tale we always crave in a completely new setting that involves paper gods, kendo clubs, and sizzling Japanese style romance.Katie lost her mother, and soon after her homeland With her grandfather battling cancer Katie has no choice but to move in with her aunt, Diane, who is an English teacher living in Japan Now Katie not only has to deal with the crippling pain of losing her mother, but she also has to learn three different alphabets and try not to embarrass herself on a daily basis From this point forward her life shall never be the same Then she meets Tomohiro, a kendo star and a secret artist, and her life gets double complicated Soon after she starts seeing drawings start to move and all hell breaks loose Is she crazy Or the frightening option, what if she is not Katie is a likable main character Right off the bat I liked this girl, she is

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