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Slow Bullets Read as part of the Hugo Voters Packet.And I think this one is creeping up past Penric s Demon to get my vote A vicious interstellar conflict is coming to an end A ceasefire has been announced Unfortunately for one soldier, the enemy who s captured her is infamous for his brutality, and he couldn t care less that hostilities are officially over Scur fully expects to be tortured to death.Unexpectedly, however, she awakes from coldsleep aboard a transport ship A panicked crewmember lets her know that it was relocating a full component of mainly war criminals but that something has gone wrong They don t know where they are or how much time has passed With brutal dregs from both sides of the war awakening to an uncertain situation, chaos is imminent unless Scur can seize the opportunity and get all the survivors to pull tog I love Alistair Reynolds, but I did not love Slow Bullets.Reynolds is the writer who re ignited my passion for SF and I have huge respect for his work, which I regard with a mix of warmth and awe Revelation Space reminded me how truly great this genre can be, the vast vistas of the imagination that it commands and the genuine sense of wonder it can elicit in a reader Sadly, Slow Bullets left a vague, unsatisfied feeling in the place where my sense of wonder usually resides.The premise behind this fairly short novella 96 pages is pretty straightforward Scur, a soldier fighting in an interstellar civil war is captured and tortured by the enemy After her opponents flee at the approach of a rescue ship she passes out, and awakens in a hibernation pod on an unfamiliar starship It soon becomes apparent that the ship, loaded with war criminals from both sides of the war, is lost, damaged and has been in space for vastly longer than had been planned, leaving Scur to both establish order and assist in discovering the reasons for their predicament.So far so good a mysterious drifting starship packed to the warp drives with confused, violent war criminals from opposing armies is a nice setup with some real tension Alas, the Alastair Reynolds has written a large number of books, so I know he can write However Slow Bullets which did have some creative ideas within it s pages let me down As the story progressed, both the protagonist and the antagonist became and cartoonish.The bad guy was the ultimate evil incarnate who could survive in a spaceship for an extended span of time without food, water and air Go figure The heroine, though just an army grunt, can absorb strange technologies quickly and become the leader of a large group of survivors.What really settled poorly was Mr Reynolds plot device to make the intergalactic war a religious struggle and his need to espouse religious gobbledegook throughout the center and end of the book while cleverly avoiding much else about the religions that caused all of this crisis Quite little thought went into the writing of this book it makes me sad to say, as I have always held Mr Reynolds in higher regard but I suppose any author can have Music Skinny Puppy The Centre Bullet because while I like the Tear Garden one, the instrumental ish version works the best After a long war, during a ceasefire, a soldier named Scur ends up being caught by a war crimnal, Orvin, and left for dead In what seems like a next moment, she finds herself on a former starliner turned prisoner transporter vessel Caprice with a slowly dying computer and waking passengers, mostly war criminals but also some civilians plus some crew But not only is the computer in a slow death process there seems to be a question of where they are is the planet below the supposed destination planet Tottori or what and when are they also And Orvin is also on the ship, which could cause problemsThis is, in my opinion, a pretty good place to start reading this author It s a standalone novella, not too long, not loads and loads of characters and the plot is not too complicated The demanding readers or non beginners might find this a little too simple, but if one feels easily pleased or just wants a first taste, it s not bad The plot moves steadily, there was no crisis point that made me stop too long one flaw in my reading style lol.I kind of grew fond of one of the other main characters, Prad, too his skills a technician who knows the ship and how to handle the computer is very helpful view spoiler The side story of a stowaway is slightly light, but does help in Scur s decision in what to do to the captured Orvin, as well as proving s I liked being pleasantly surprised with this tale, even though my expectations were shaken at first it straying far from the exciting space opera I have enjoyed from him before This is a novella and the setting is effectively constrained to a closed society aboard a disabled space ship Reynolds for me has been a very reliable source of long, imaginative space operas with multiple lead characters, plots with a lot of social complexities, and a fair play on cool tech, artificial intelligence, and human enhancements but only occasionally aliens Here we get mostly the social complexity.Our hero, Scur, is a conscripted soldier in a multiplanetary war, who in the first scenes is undergoing torture by an enemy soldier after a cease fire has been called He is set up with an explosive slow bullet , a computer pellet inserted into the body and left to die He wakes up out of hibernation on a large transport spaceship with hundreds of others also waking He soon learns most of revived people are prisoners of war from If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Reynolds in Character Driven Mode Slow Bullets by Alastair ReynoldsDisclaimer I received an advance reader s copy ARC Uncorrected Manuscript Proof of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review All opinions expressed are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review The book is due to be published on June, 2015 review written on 18 04 2015.Fiction is fashioned from the stuff of people s lives, and yet the characters in SF are seldom full fledged people Most of time they become stand ins for a creed, an attitude, or a way of life This is the crux of the matter when it comes to good SF It lies at the forefront on why SF has so often been dismissed as sub literary Why is that so Traditional fiction is mainly concerned with character It reveals character by putting emphasis in its development, its critical moments of awareness, its recognition of s I personally have always felt that it is relatively difficult to write a shorter novel than a longer one that can get a reader fully invested to care for the fate of its characters The plot moves along at a brisk pace, allowing little leeway for any substantial character development And if a writer opts for it anyway, he she might have to sacrifice the subplots, hence making the plot linear, and reminding a reader that it is after all, a short book Alastair Reynolds Slow Bullets is an exception to that When I requested this book from Netgalley, to be honest, I wasn t expecting something on a scale of his other sprawling space operas I was just hoping for a good story which I actually got , but not something this surprising.The book primarily follows the female protagonist Scur, a conscripted soldier, who after being captured by a criminal, wakes up on a prison ship All the soldiers are embedded with a memory bullet hence the name Slow Bullets Scur s bullet seems to have been tampered with She has to prove her real identity to the sole survivor of the ship s crew and wants to find the man who captured her.But when you guess that this was going to be just another revenge tale nevertheless a good one , the story takes a turn for something grander, totally unexpected, and hence it once again proves why Reynolds is consider Slow Bullets PDF Epub Author Alastair Reynolds Bandcamptomp3.co.uk From The Author Of The Revelation Space Series Comes An Interstellar Adventure Of War, Identity, Betrayal, And The Preservation Of Civilization Itself.A Vast Conflict, One That Has Encompassed Hundreds Of Worlds And Solar Systems, Appears To Be Finally At An End A Conscripted Soldier Is Beginning To Consider Her Life After The War And The Family She Has Left Behind But For Scur And For Humanity Peace Is Not To Be.On The Brink Of The Ceasefire, Scur Is Captured By A Renegade War Criminal, And Left For Dead In The Ruins Of A Bunker She Revives Aboard A Prisoner Transport Vessel Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong With The Ship.Passengers Combatants From Both Sides Of The War Are Waking Up From Hibernation Far Too Soon Their Memories, Embedded In Bullets, Are The Only Links To A World Which Is No Longer Recognizable And Scur Will Be Reacquainted With Her Old Enemy, But With Much Higher Stakes Than Just Her Own Life. !!> Epub ➜ Peyton and the Paragon ➛ Author Cathy Peper – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Identity [PDF] ↠ On Black Sisters Street Author Chika Unigwe – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Betrayal !!> PDF / Epub ☂ Remote Control (Nick Stone ✎ Author Andy McNab – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk And The Preservation Of Civilization Itself.A Vast Conflict [Epub] Superfrog and the Big Stink By Michael Foreman – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk One That Has Encompassed Hundreds Of Worlds And Solar Systems [Download] ➵ One Hand on the Claret Jug By Norman Dabell – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Appears To Be Finally At An End A Conscripted Soldier Is Beginning To Consider Her Life After The War And The Family She Has Left Behind But For Scur And For Humanity Peace Is Not To Be.On The Brink Of The Ceasefire ➼ On the Road to Babadag Free ➲ Author Andrzej Stasiuk – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Scur Is Captured By A Renegade War Criminal [Reading] ➽ My Brothers Famous Bottom Gets Pinched ➳ Jeremy Strong – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk And Left For Dead In The Ruins Of A Bunker She Revives Aboard A Prisoner Transport Vessel Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong With The 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Author Sophy Henn – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk But With Much Higher Stakes Than Just Her Own Life. 3.5 stars Newbie to Reynolds work, so I figured one of his shorter works might be interesting to check out This is a tale of a bunch of former soldiers and convicts waking up from hyposleep I think that s what the author called it on a ship, with no idea why and what s going on or where they are Scur, the main character, narrates, and you find out she was conscripted because of her family s political beliefs Scur seems hellbent on revenging herself on another soldier who tortured her and left her for dead just at the end of the war, and who is on board also There are a number of surprises no, shocks, awaiting the passengers and crew of the ship regarding their situation Reynolds focuses on a few of the passengers, and one crew member, Prad whom I quite liked The story was tense, and I found it interesting wondering what paths Scur and her shipmates would take at each new turning point setback.Regarding the audio, I was not th 4 Stars Slow Bullets by Alastair Reynolds is a fantastic little slice of what one of my favorite authors is all about This easy read novella touches on many of the areas that make Reynolds such a great writer This is a science fiction story that is lean on the math and physics, making it very accessible to new readers This is not a hard science story like much of what Reynolds writes.Slow Bullets is a story about a spaceship filled with war criminals that finds itself wrecked in a place that they did not expect I am glad that I didn t read any spoilers in others reviews as this survival story is much better experienced, not knowing what is going to happen Scur is likable and easy to identify with as is Prad The Slow Bullets are a cool concept I also liked the world building that we were treated to, it is classic Reynolds.My only gripe with this book was that it was too short It would probably make for a full length novel Be that may, this novella has everyth

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