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Possession of My Soul Possession of my Soul is the first book in a series which tells us the story of Karla Grey, a seemingly ordinary 17 year old who soon finds her life completely changed Apparently she has been cursed and now has to deal with a whole new world, as well as a strange presence in her soul, trying to take over her thoughts and body Positives I liked that the romance part wasn't obvious There are some interesting ideas here and overall I enjoyed the world created by the author Some scenes were pretty exciting In other books of the sort, I often find that the progression in fighting skills is too quick or nonexistent The main character goes from being ordinary to super powerful in a heartbeat Here we don't have this issue, because the being who possesses Karla takes over in the fighting scenes I was pleased to see that even though this is the first book in a series, there were no excessive cliffhangers in the end You want to know what comes next but the book is still enjoyable as a stand alone, there is a fair sense of closure I liked how some of the characters weren't obviously good or bad It really all depends on perspective The way the story was presented was quite appealing The prologue being the turning point in Karla's story and then chapter 1 going back a few days previous, to introduce us to her regular life before everything started crashing down Negatives: Some things were very repetitive I kept having déjà vu feelings at whole descriptions in general and certain expressions in particular For instance, the fact that the author kept saying all the guys but Greg had a muscular frame got very old very fast, as well as the descriptions of hair and eyes Some references to what had been said previously made no sense, things that made me go back and reread and see if I missed something or misread it Example: It just means my little girl's opening up from her shell () I hated it when she still called me her 'baby girl' She didn't She said little girl, not baby girl ()disrespect and defend that girl?() How am I a little girl? Again, nowhere does it say little girl, just girl At times the narrative did not feel very realistic, like when Karla first met and thought about Lucas It didn't feel like he was a stranger, something was off He was already 'Lucas', not 'that guy' or 'that strange young man' or whatever Paul's intense interest in her seemed off as well, one minute they don't hang out at all and then next he is buying her an expensive dress I didn't even get how he could afford to buy it I mean, where did he get the money? We don't know much about him other than he likes to use his fists, has green eyes and dark hair (view spoiler)[I just didn't get why he would drop everything to go with Karla towards the end Maybe he had a crush on her for a while, but sorry, leaving everything like that for someone who doesn't even share the same interest as him just doesn't strike me as realistic Where's his family in all this? His friends? He's a popular guy at school, for crying out loud! Why would he give everything up for someone he can't even really know, since he never really spent time with her? And Lucas He went to live with Seth and Helena and the others since he was what, 7? At least that's what I recall from the story he told Karla, he went there shortly after the kitten thing And yet neither does anyone but Karla seem to react to his betrayal nor does he seem affected at all to betray the people who raised him as their own, only focusing on how Karla made him feel because he had never met anyone who was so dependant on him?? Come on (hide spoiler)] This is a review from SN BookReviews You want a great hot read then you found it!!! This book is exciting and full of adventures, betrayal, love, dedication, sacrifice and muchIt gives you all different emotions that sends your mind on a roller coaster!Kia CarringtonRussell paranormal author is talented I fell in love with this book! Karla is strong willed and sweet person all rolled in one At first I wasn't sure about her character but as she grows in maturity and coming into her self especially as a shielded, you find her easy to like Kia book grabs your attention from the start and her words flow effortlessly with an impact of emotion that leaves breathless Karla is a normal girl or so she thinks Then one day she is on her first date with Paul which she is learning its ok to let someone shower you with affection One minute shes a normal teenager then the next as soon as she bumps into a stranger her life turns into a whole different world Her body goes crazy! When she wakes up she finds her self in a strange place with these creatures after her With the help of new friends she learns about herself and goes on an adventure of a lifetime Can she handle all this that life has thrown her? I am so excited to read the next book in this series I'm ready to dig in an read what adventures happen next! The author us exceptionally talented at c cliffhangers as well Boy I did not see that coming Kia you got it going on Kia!! Lol.So if you are looking for an epic adventure with a paranormal twist then you've found it I found myself feeling all different emotions and that is true talent So hold on to your seats and dig in!! Karla was just your average shy girl who everyone could walk past and never see her Her sidekick friend was the pretty one who always got all of the attention So why did Paul, who every girl was fighting over, start to make conversation and happen to appear where ever she was And why was a stranger willing to fight Paul over her Suddenly, her life became anything but average But when you are sharing your body and your mind with an immortal being and you are the last in her line that she can inhabit boring can be erased from your dictionary.Karla learns that she is a Shielder, and while she is teaching veteran shielders a thing or two that they have never seen before, she lacks control over it While struggling to learn how to use her shield she is thrust into a war that has been raging, unbeknownst to the average person, for quite a long time You see, Starkoffs and Shielders mix together as well as bleach with brand new red clothes When ever they meet lots of red will lost (hey, I thought that was pretty clever! LOL) The pressure of realizing you have a power that you never knew you had, while trying to figure solve the age old problem of teenage girls everywhere (which boy they have a crush on), then discovering that your body can perform ninja like moves because it is controlled by an immortal being it's enough to make anyone hear little voices in their head! Heck, killing Starkoffs might be the easiest thing that the exnerd Karla has to deal with!!!Possession of My Soul (The Three Immortal Blades) is the debut novel by the young author Kia CarringtonRussell Good news to those who will enjoy this first novel by CarringtonRussell there are twocoming! Her talent will only increase theshe writes, but don't wait until everyone is talking about her be one of the first to follow what looks to be a long career of writing from Kia! If you like Young Adult Fantasy, with a touch of angst ridden semiromance that never quite gets fulfilled then this series is worth your attention Strengths Nice development of the plot and characters Enough twists to keep your interest No spelling or grammar issues were found Good pacing between action scenes and plot development.Weaknesses At points, I found Karla (from whose point of view the story is told) repeating her problems and difficulties a few too many times But having a teenage daughter myself, this is definitely in character! Some things just seem to happen without much of a buildup For example, Karla learns some new tricks (such as hearing from the earth by draining some energy from it) just out of nowhere To be fair, the story is told from Karla's point of view and she is being rushed to use her new found powers in battle well before she has and opportunity explore all of the new facets of it Seeat: Check out my blog to see Reviews of Books and Movies as well as Recipes and DIY projectsPossession Of My Soul is written by Kia CarringtonRussell and is the first book in the Three Immortal Blades Series The story revolves around the main character Karla, who is an unassuming teenage girl who finds herself thrust amidst a war, where each side of the fight remains unclear in their true intentions.Karla as a character is relatable She isn’t annoying in a way that some main characters can be She finds herself coming into her own with womanhood as well as newfound abilities My main complaint about her, was that I don’t think that any of her love interests were believably built up I wanted there to beof a background to the emotions There is a lot of thrust upon emotions in terms of those who acquire her fancy Otherwise, I enjoyed getting to see her find herself and find ways to stand up to adversity and find a strength she never knew she was capable of.The story itself is an interesting take on fantasy There are a lot of typical factors, but shown in a new light There are Starkorfs who are essentially vampires, but almost in a zombie type of fashion if they are not of very pure blood There was not any real detail about the actual way that one would become a Starkorf, or if it is merely something that one is born into If so, it would be interesting to knowdetails about how actual procreation worked, if it was any different than humans, those sorts of aspects Given that this is the first book of the series, it would be good to see if that was explained indetail in later books.I did enjoy the ancillary characters and getting to know them They did seem as if to be from a distance as a reader The connection with their emotions wasn’t quite there Truly reading this book felt like it was going to be a 3 star type of book about 75% of the way in Kia definitely pulls it out for the last part of the book which caused me to up my rating to 4 stars She definitely ends in a blaze of glory and leaves her ready to readof the story.Overall I give this book 4/5 stars Kia has potential as an author as she hones her writing skills I hope to seeof a connection into the feelings of the characters of a world that she does a great job describing I love a lot of the new twists on unique abilities and would love to read an entire book about the elementals as well as some background about a particular wolf creature If you are into fantasy, paranormal, young adult, fiction, woman empowering, romance, etc, you may very well find yourself interested in this book.*I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review. I received this book from the author in return for an honest to goodness review I am a part of the Review Team @ The Paranormal Bookshelf Category: Paranormal fantasySpoilers: NONEBook #1 in The Immortal Blades series For the first book from this author, I have to say, I am very impressed There were times in which I was very lost because of the amount of information that was given With that being said, that was the only true downfall I found For a first book there wasn't a lot of issues with plot, grammar, etc There is a OMG ending for those of you who need to know before you read Karla, the books main female character had moments where she was annoying and times when she stepped up in her situation and I think that she has room to grow throughout the series This book does not disappoint, there is a lot details and a lot of action throughout All in all, a great start to this series So with all of this, we gave the book 4.7 out of 5 stars. 3.5 STARS***I received the eBook free as a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review***I thought I was going into this book not knowing much, and it’s only now that I realise even though there were a lot of twists the synopsis was very revealing It didn’t ruin the book for me at all though, because like I said I only just realised!This might be because Possession of my Soul is Kia’s first novel, but I have to say it’s a very impressive kick start into the bookosphere (that’s now officially a thing… because I said so…) Her writing isn’t amateurish like some people expect from debuts and her style was very clear from that start Filled with action sequences and generally never a calm moment, this was my type of book Simple as that.At times it felt rushed, or explanations about the little details were skipped so the plot could move faster and the perfectionist readers out there might not like that so much, but I found it just made it a lighter read (as light as you can get with so much possession and death)!On the whole, I really enjoyed this book (even though at the start I wanted to punch Karla; however she did grow on me when she got stronger for the people she loved which was an admirable feat) and I look forward to readingof Kia’s work.Posted on: Loved this debut novel!On the surface, Karla appears to be the average teenager – friendship woes, her family struggling financially and dealing with the usual angst – school, detention and boys This façade quickly disappears as Karla is plunged into a world that is beyond her imagination How could she, just a regular person, be a defender of human life? How could she do battle against those who were killing humans in their continuing fight for power and a thirst for immortality Without her parents support, Karla must grow up quickly – who is her friend in this new world? Who can she trust? While struggling to adapt, she must also face a years old curse that has made her vulnerable at a time when she needs all her strength How will this teenager deal with her frightening new reality?At first I was a bit confused Was I reading urban fantasy, paranormal, fantasy? I quickly realized what I was reading was a wellwritten debut novel The author has brought together intriguing characters which blend and meld into a wonderfully told, suspensefilled plot Karla is seemingly a typical teenager struggling with the usual problems A car accident is the catalyst that plunges her into a frightening new world Learning to defend herself in lifethreatening battles – hand to hand combat to the death Karla must also determine friends from foes Things are not always as they seem As the curse manifests itself in different ways the struggle and intensity only deepens.While there are almost a dizzying number of characters introduced in this first installment, and I found myself a bit lost at times, I liked the story a lot Book 1 was fastpaced, engaging and the cliffhanger ending has me eagerly looking for the next book in the series. Awarded 'Best Fantasy Series of ' and 'Best Book Bad Guy of ' by The Paranormal BookshelfKarla Gray is an ordinary young woman that is taken from her mundane life into a world of blood lust as she begins to struggle with a unique ability Karla is a Shielder; an exceptional fighter born with the rare ability to project a Shield for protection However, Shielders are not the only kind that possesses such a talent The Shielders battle a war that has been raging for centuries against Starkorfs, who harvest humans and Shielders alike to obtain a near immortalityAlongside the charming Lucas and selfless Paul, Karla must unravel the purpose of her curse and battle an unknown presence manipulating her thoughts; a mysterious woman who may be dormant for now, but has every intention of possessing Karla mind, body, and soulWithin this new reality that Karla faces the search for the Three Immortal Blades begins ➷ [Reading] ➹ Gender in Psychoanalytic Space By Muriel Dimen ➬ – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Shielders are not the only kind that possesses such a talent The Shielders battle a war that has been raging for centuries against Starkorfs ❴KINDLE❵ ❆ Insight and Interpretation Author Roy Schafer – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk who harvest humans and Shielders alike to obtain a near immortalityAlongside the charming Lucas and selfless Paul ❮Reading❯ ➳ Good People in an Evil Time ➬ Author Svetlana Broz – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Karla must unravel the purpose of her curse and battle an unknown presence manipulating her thoughts; a mysterious woman who may be dormant for now [EPUB] ✵ On a Day Like This By Peter Stamm – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk but has every intention of possessing Karla mind ➫ [Ebook] ➦ Heart to Start By Derek Handley ➶ – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk body [BOOKS] ⚣ Light without Fire By Scott Korb – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk and soulWithin this new reality that Karla faces the search for the Three Immortal Blades begins Possession of My Soul begins when some strange things start happening to Karla, and she thinks she's being followed Then the strangest thing of all happens. Something no one can figure out exactly why it happened It leads Karla to a whole new world with things she never once thought existed, and people she's unsure if she can trust Now, she must struggle to figure things out before it's too late, and get back to her family This book hooked me from the prologue! That was freaking awesome, however, the rest of the story wasn't as great as that I think it was because I never really connected with or liked the heroine I didn't like how she came off at first, and then I really didn't like how she seemed to cry all the time Other then that though the whole plot line was very interesting, and unique It had lots of twists and turns that totally surprised me all the way to the end This is a very interesting story, and I look forward to reading . This is different than other paranormal books I've read and totally enjoyed it Karla thought she was an ordinary girl until one night that changed the world as she knew All of a sudden she wasn't your regular kid in school, working a part time job to earn some money nope she has special abilities and is expected to fight others to help save the humans Oh throw in someone else inside her body with her makes for a very interesting and suspenseful read The author wrote a different and great story with very strong characters that make you want to know what happens next I can't wait to read the next book to find out what does happen

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