Black Mass: Whitey Bulger, the FBI and a Devil's Deal

Black Mass: Whitey Bulger, the FBI and a Devil's Deal update of first edition

10 thoughts on “Black Mass: Whitey Bulger, the FBI and a Devil's Deal

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    I began this book on Christmas Eve of 2018 of all days after reading the introduction and first chapter, I had to put the book down I laugh at myself on this as a result and going forward I will beattentive to what sort of book I begin to read so close to Christmas in the future.The journalists that wrote this book are credible and sincer

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    An immensely intriguing read, Black Mass was one of the most interesting and informative nonfiction books I ve read thus far Written by the two reporters who were on the real life case since the beginning, this book provided stunning detail and evidence which did not take away from the intrigue of the storytelling, but rather aided the narrati

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    Very interesting subject, but not very well written I m hoping to read another book or two on that chapter of Boston.

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    Tedious read Too many names and details Do yourself a favor, skip the snails pace book and see the thriller in the theatre Johnny Depp s performance is stellar Though the facts are different and timeline is compressed, it serves the storyline.

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    Nothing wrong with it, I just couldn t get into it About 100 pages in I accidentally put it in the library book drop but then thought, meh, not worth taking it out again to finish.

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    Amazing Frightening how the Boston FBI helped criminals for 2 decades

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    Very informative of the workings behind such a horrendous collaborative As informative as it was, and obviously a lot of research needed to complete it gave me a sense there was a lotnot said or rather couldn t be written And at times, I got the feeling some of it was speculation to fill in gaps One must keep in mind the authors were not actually there when some of th

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    So this is not the usual sort of book I read although I do partake from time to time.This was as addictive as it was astonishing,so because of the factual undertones to every report I did at times feel as though I was reading a different styled Grisham book but maybe that was because of the FBI element.Really enjoyed this, took me a long time to read as it was my commute b

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    Fine A bit too detailed and took away from the flow of the story Went into excruciating detail about everything Bulger and Flemmi did before getting to the comeuppance story for the gangsters and the FBI, which was the other very interesting part of the story.

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    Very detailed account of decades of crime and corruption in Boston wanted to read it before seeing the movie It s a good readin the form of long form journalism as opposed to narrative An eye opening story and cautionary tale of law enforcement becoming too involved with informants

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