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The Flowers of Adonis The th Century BC The Greek city states are engaged in perpetual war But one man towers above the chaos His name is Alkibiades He is at once a pirate, statesman and seducer whose adventures rival those of Odysseus himselfCitizen of Athens, friend of Socrates, sailor, warrior and inveterate lover, Alkibiades flees persecution in his native city to join the Spartan cause However, his brilliant naval and diplomatic victories on their behalf do not save him from the consequences of impregnating the Spartan queen, and once he takes up the outcast s mantle ✫ Fisica 1 - Principios y Problemas Books ✭ Author Paul W. Zitzewitz – statesman and seducer whose adventures rival those of Odysseus himselfCitizen of Athens [BOOKS] ✬ The Beautiful Disruption By G.G. Renee Hill – friend of Socrates ➸ [Read] ➳ Games Rednecks Play By Jeff Foxworthy ➽ – sailor [PDF / Epub] ☁ The Magic Cottage By James Herbert – warrior and inveterate lover [PDF] ✪ Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby: An Agile Primer (Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby Series) 1, Sandi Metz, eBook - Par Sandi Metz – Alkibiades flees persecution in his native city to join the Spartan cause However ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Eski Yunanca - Türkçe Sözlük By Güler Çelgin ✎ – his brilliant naval and diplomatic victories on their behalf do not save him from the consequences of impregnating the Spartan queen ➝ [Epub] ❦ Dont Leave Me Alone By GG ➧ – and once he takes up the outcast s mantle

About the Author: Rosemary Sutcliff

Rosemary Sutcliff, CBE was a British novelist, best known as a writer of highly acclaimed historical fiction Although primarily a children s author, the quality and depth of her writing also appeals to adults She once commented that she wrote for children of all ages from nine to ninety Born in West Clandon, Surrey, Sutcliff spent her early youth in Malta and other naval bases where her father was stationed as a naval officer She contracted Still s Disease when she was very young and was confined to a wheelchair for most of her life Due to her chronic sickness, she spent the majority of her time with her mother, a tireless storyteller, from whom she learned many of the Celtic and Saxon legends that she would later expand into works of historical fiction Her early schooling being continually interrupted by moving house and her disabling condition, Sutcliff didn t learn to read until she was nine, and left school at fourteen to enter the Bideford Art School, which she attended for three years, graduating from the General Art Course She then worked as a painter of miniatures.Rosemary Sutcliff began her career as a writer in 1950 with The Chronicles of Robin Hood She found her voice when she wrote The Eagle of the Ninth in 1954 In 1959, she won the Carnegie Medal for The Lantern Bearers and was runner up in 1972 with Tristan and Iseult In 1974 she was highly commended for the Hans Christian Andersen Award Her The Mark of the Horse Lord won the first Phoenix Award in 1985.Sutcliff lived for many years in Walberton near Arundel, Sussex In 1975 she was appointed OBE for services to Children s Literature and promoted to CBE in 1992 She wrote incessantly throughout her life, and was still writing on the morning of her death She never married.http author rosema

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    Wow A writer who does sadly did this sort of research Q being an historical novelist rather than a historian, I have felt free to fill in the gaps and tidy up a little here and there.I have provided a possible explanation for Antiochus insane foolhardiness when left in command of the Athenian Fleet, because Thucidides bald account is so unbelievable unless one assumes that both Antiochus and Alkibiades were menta

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    The greatest hero, the worst traitor Alkibiades is an enigma He casts a glamour that comes clean down the centuries, a dazzle of personal magnetism that makes it hard to see the man behind it.Set in the death struggle between Athens and Sparta Alkibiades directs one Greek city against the other and calls on the Persians to settle a tie.With such a chameleon like character he cannot be described by only one view point T

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    Hmph3.5 stars is looking a bit generous for this letdown of a book The protagonist being Alcibiades of Athens, I had come to hope for an engrossing novel given what s known of his life from historical sources A life that was anything but dull, or, gods forbid, peaceful and bland Just read what good old Thucydides had to say about the man in his chronicle of the Peloponnesian War, and you ll be forgiven for expecting a cross

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    The Flower of Adonis is a fictionalized account of the life of Alkibiades, an Athenian General In her Author s note Rosemary Sutcliff describes her protagonist as an enigma , going on to remark, Even allowing that no man is all black and white, few men can ever have beenwildly and magnificently piebald Well, that s one way to put it I know some readers have struggled with the multiple narrators and the frequent switching between t

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    One of her few books for adults I read a number of her children s books when I was young and I do wish she d writtenBased on thorough research, she applies such wonderful imagination that you feel you are immersed in and understand the period, the cultures, the people, politics and motivations This is the story of Alcibiades something of a renegade Athenian and it makes me want to re read Thucydides The Peloponnesian Wars in translation

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    just discovered Sutcliff wrote an Alcibiades book and I m feeling great about life

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    They don t write books like this anyI m not even sure they wrote books like this then Recommended if you can deal with the style Sutcliff is Sutcliff, whether she s tackling Roman Britain or golden age Greece Although there were a few places where I winced any sexy moments, mostly , it s rapturous, visceral writing that takes you nose down into the landscape and I liked it a lot Also, Alcibiades Lymond No question.

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    I read this when in my teens I remember thinking what a great story it tells The switching I found easy to keep up with so may be an individuals problem rather than a real issue.Severely recommend this book

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    A book you could put down frequently Nevertheless, I now have a lot clearer perspective of the Peloponnesian wars.

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    Loved the book Again.

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