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Night Girl Blanche White lends a refreshing African American, female twist to the mystery tradition, as she turns from domestic worker to insightful if reluctant sleuth A middle aged housekeeper with a strong sense of humor, Blanche becomes an unlikely yet ingenious sleuth when murder disrupts the wealthy household of her employers [PDF / Epub] ❤ The End (The 30-Day Collective Book 1) ✅ Ellen A. Easton – female twist to the mystery tradition ❰BOOKS❯ ✬ The Light Over London Author Julia Kelly – as she turns from domestic worker to insightful if reluctant sleuth A middle aged housekeeper with a strong sense of humor ➶ [Reading] ➸ Cell By Robin Cook ➫ – Blanche becomes an unlikely yet ingenious sleuth when murder disrupts the wealthy household of her employers

About the Author: Barbara Neely

Barbara Neely was a novelist, short story writer, and author of the popular Blanche White mystery novels The first book in this series, BLANCHE ON THE LAM, won the Agatha, the Macavity, and the Anthony three of the four major mystery awards for best first novel as well as the Go On Girl Book Club award for a debut novel The subsequent books in the series, BLANCHE AMONG THE TALENTED TENTH, BLANCHE CLEANS UP and BLANCHE PASSES GO have also received critical acclaim from both fans and literary critics Books in the Blanche White series have been taught in courses at universities as varied as Howard University, Northwestern, Bryn Mawr, Old Dominion, Boston College, Appalachian State University, Washington State University and Guttenberg University in Mainz, Germany Books in the series have been translated into French, German and Japanese Neely s short stories have appeared in anthologies, magazines, university texts, and journals including Things that divide us, Speaking for Ourselves, Constellations, Literature Reading and Writing the Human Experience, Breaking Ice, Essence, and Obsidian II.Ms Neely has also had an extensive public sector career She designed and directed the first community based corrections facility for women in Pennsylvania, directed a branch of the YWCA, and headed a consultant firm for non profits She was part of an evaluative research team at the Institute for Social Research, the Executive Director of Women for Economic Justice, and a radio producer for Africa News Service For her activism Neely has received the Community Works Social Action Award for Leadership and Activism for Women s Rights and Economic Justice, and the Fighting for Women s Voices Award from the Coalition for Basic Human Needs.Series Blanche White

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    how I said I grew up on Christie It took college to really open my eyes to the insight that I had read very few books by authors who were not white and from an American or British tradition It became a personal project to increase the diversity of my reading while still hanging in my favorite genres of mystery, sci fi

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    My video review My video review

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    Blanche White is not exactly a fairy tale heroine like her near namesake, Snow White She is a strong minded, kind hearted woman, who is also a housekeeper in the post racial South Blanche likes her job and is good at it One of the many joys of this detective book are the mouth watering descriptions of Blanche s superb Southern cook

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    This was light hearted, funny and surprisingly intersectional feminist I loved the narrator as well They were perfect for this story.

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    I received a copy of Blanche on the Lam A Blanche White Mystery through Netgalley, offered by Brash Books, in exchange for an honest review.Blanche on the Lam, Barbary Neely, First Ed., St Martin s Press, New York, New York, 1992Barbara Neely, Social Activist, and Author, born 1941, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Still hoping to find an employer willing

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    I first read Blanche on the Lam in the 1990s, when I devoured all four of the books in the series Blanche White was unlike any other amateur sleuth anywhere resilient, generous, comfortable in her own skin, savvy, determined well, sometimes downright too stubborn for her own good but absolutely a gem Imagine my dismay when, after 2000 s Blanche Passes

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    I read about this in a recent article in The Root about Kathryn Stockett s The Help The Root article said that Stockett isn t the first to write from the perspective of black Southern maids, and mentioned Neely s series about amateur or accidental detective and professional housekeeper Blanche White The article suggested that Blanche is the counterpoint to Mo

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    I was worried for about the first half of reading this one because I really want to love this series and it wasn t happening I felt lost in what time period this was actually taking place in for a while The things that were happening, the atmosphere and sense of place made me think at first that this was happening in the late 50 s or 60 s but it is really taking pla

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    I m giving this book 4 stars because I really like Blanche However, the story is really slow The pace didn t pick up until the last 50 pages.

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    Don t worry, darling, she ll cooperate I promise you Why not just insert BBWWWwaaaaa Hhhaaa Hahaha here, with some hands rubbing together I like Blanche She is resourceful and observant I do not need the nitty gritty details of her every thought to get that She is worried about the kids I GOT IT Stop bringing it up and MOVE ON The baby steps she takes to describe her characters i

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