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The Thieves of Ostia The dogs on Flavia s street have started dying mysteriously, and she is determined to find out why Her investigation leads her to three extraordinary people Jonathan, her new neighbor Nubia, an African slave and Lupus, a mute beggar boy The four embark on a search for the killer and that s when the excitement begins [PDF / Epub] ❤ The End (The 30-Day Collective Book 1) ✅ Ellen A. Easton – and she is determined to find out why Her investigation leads her to three extraordinary people Jonathan ❰BOOKS❯ ✬ The Light Over London Author Julia Kelly – her new neighbor Nubia ➶ [Reading] ➸ Cell By Robin Cook ➫ – an African slave and Lupus [Reading] ➶ Braving the Wilderness Author BrenĂ© Brown – a mute beggar boy The four embark on a search for the killer and that s when the excitement begins

About the Author: Caroline Lawrence

Caroline Lawrence won a scholarship to Cambridge to read Classical Archaeology, then did a degree in Hebrew and Jewish studies at University College London She now lives in London with her English husband and teaches Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Art and French to children.Series Roman MysteriesWestern Mysteries

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    So I ve been reading a book on Roman triumphs by one of the best classicists writing today, Mary Beard, who holds the chair in classics at Cambridge I noted in her bio that she has a fairly entertaining blog titled A Don s Life, to which she adds something about once a week So I eagerly went there and found that she mentioned this excellent series by

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    When I was teaching The Romans as a topic to my class of 9 year olds, I let them watch The Roman mysteries and they absolutely loved them It was a great Childrens BBC production, apparently the most expensive in the history of children s tv So I was interested to finally read the actual books One down, sixteen to go

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    I had the privilege of meeting Caroline Lawrence about two years ago, and I went and bought this, the first of her books, at once, which is something I nearly always do after meeting an author Given that my pile of To Be Read books is never less than 50, and I have a young family, I didn t get around to reading it until yesterday, when I got a chance while on holiday W

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Middle grade Roman historical fiction Sign me up The sooner I can get Clare reading about my very favorite historical time period, the better This will do very well while we wait for her to be old enough for I, Claudius or Kate Quinn The first volume in a lengthy series does several things very well

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    I read this to my little boy as his bedtime story He s still a little young for it, but enjoyed it nonetheless So this review isfrom me for the adults than anything.I visited Ostia a number of years ago with my wife and was extremely taken with the place Now, having just read this book, I can feel that wonder all over again With the memories of the city, reading the book felt so vivid a

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    The Thieves of Ostia by Caroline Lawrence is an exciting book with suprises around every corner This adventure takes place in the times of the late roman era and happens at the time of a murder A boy s watchdog was slaughtered and his head was stolen Four children find a witness and are lead to believe that a man did it, a man whos daughter was recently murdered by a dog with rabies Can they fin

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    A book aimed at 8 13 year olds and one that has been turned into a children s series since.I will start with the positives I found The characterisation is great with a lot of diversity even outside of the main characters It shows the differences of people in Roman times which is not something you automatically think of when discussing ancient times The story feels well researched and the plot never drags

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    This was a huge childhood favourite series of mine and I loved rereading these characters

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    I missed these in my own childhood, but would have loved this sort of series It s a wonderful first book to a series set in Ancient Rome, always a favourite period for primary students, and involving children solving mysteries and murders.With Sherlock so popular at the moment, the detective genre should receive a boost, and the fact that this is quite instructive on life in Roman times as well as including a murder and s

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    This book caused a mini up rising in the class I thought the book was a classical Hardy Boys Nancy Drew style detective novel set in the classical age with aspects of classical life generously interspersed throughout.The students however couldn t connect with the book One of the reasons for this was that the main characters were too young for the linguistic level or maturity needed to understand all the aspects of the book and fol

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