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Maddie Inherits a Cowboy No heat No bed And a cowhanging from the rafters What kind of ranch is this No wonder Madeline s brother only sent pictures of the stunning Nevada landscape He couldn t very well have convinced his family he was happy in this godforsaken place But the cold outside is bearable than the frosty partner she s inherited along with half of the ranch Ty Hopewell Not exactly Mr SocialNever mind She has every right to be here She may be a city girl, but Madeline Blaine has a PhD and she s not afraid to use it Something about this place and this cowboy just doesn t feel right And she s going to figure out what it is And fix it Fix him, tooif she can ✫ Fisica 1 - Principios y Problemas Books ✭ Author Paul W. Zitzewitz – but Madeline Blaine has a PhD and she s not afraid to use it Something about this place and this cowboy just doesn t feel right And she s going to figure out what it is And fix it Fix him [BOOKS] ✬ The Beautiful Disruption By G.G. Renee Hill – tooif she can

About the Author: Jeannie Watt

Jeannie Watt lives on a small cattle ranch and hay farm in southwest Montana When she s not writing, she enjoys making mosaic mirrors, sewing, and pretending that the house is neat and tidy.Jeannie loves to hear from readers Please contact her via her website

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    All you need to know is that this is a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie in book form Uptight lady meets haunted ranch hand It s not a great story I thought the setting was cool and I liked that the heroine was an academic but I hated that she ends up giving up her career for the ranch and the guy The romance didn

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    Madeline s brother Skip dies, leaving her half of a Nevada cattle ranch Ty, owner of the other half, is not exactly welcoming When she arrives unannounced to visit, the two get off to a poor start.Ty is wracked by guilt and Madeline s got some secrets of her own Ms Watt does an admirable job of showing the slow thaw bet

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    Not my favorite book You have woman who seems to know everything and can do everything with no thought to another person She did mellow out towards the end though and did become a better person.

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    This is the perfect story for readers who enjoy a well developed romance between a life weary cowboy and a stiff and proper city lady Madeline is a woman at a crossroads in her life She s coming to grips with the loss of her brother and the legacy he left behind for her She is also under a heavy burden because everything she s ever

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    A different take on a Western romance, but still, not as good as it probably could have been I just couldn t really connect to the characters in this one, although I liked the theme.Madeline is headed out to visit a ranch A ranch that she inherited a share of when her brother died It hasn t been doing as well financially, but that s not

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    Maddie, an academic anthropologist with career problems, has inherited a half share in a remote off the grid ranch from her brother When it starts losing money she decides to inspect it and the other co owner the title cowboy, Ty, who is still haunted by survivor s guilt from the accident that killed Maddie s brother Howfraught No horses in th

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    A beautiful tale of two unlikely people coming together to find love I enjoyed the slow, gradual buildup, so much that I found the sex scene which wasn t ill timed, just perhapsexplicit than I d expected to be somewhat out of character with the tone of the rest of the novel Nonetheless, I appreciated the author s restraint, and I was drawn in to the

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    MADDIE INHERITS A COWBOY by author Jeannie Watt is an emotional feel good story I love a tortured hero and Ty Hopewell is tortured all the way It s a touching story of accidental death, guilt, suspicion, conspiracy at the highest levels of academia, and romance, mixed with everyday ranch life and is a compelling story you wont want to miss.

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    It was a good story, well written,except for the last bit I felt that the ending was rushed, though it a happy ending and all, it was as though they were counting the words and coming up to deadline.

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    Most of it was good It had a nice story and, even though the romance was VERY slow it kept me involved The ending ruined the book though, with no real resolution and I think I liked them better as friends as opposed to lovers Great book Not such a great romance.

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